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Respected Customers,

ZNAK (SIGN) doo Company was founded 1992, in Pancevo, and, since than produce working clothes and promotional items for known customer.

Our working policy is based on quality, functionality and attractive design of our products.

Our wish is to earn confidence of customers and, according to the results of our research, we already reached that goal.

Always improving quality of our products, we constantly motivate, inform and increase skills of our employees, and, also, make communications with our suppliers and buyers better.

In order to achieve those objectives, we are implementing ISO 9001:200 and ISO 14001 standards for several years. These standards are certified by RW TÜV.

Our mission is to have a costumer, not a product which will always be back.

Our plan is to continue development and improving of our products.

We are here for You. We are inviting you to visit us and to assure in quality of our products.


Ljubinka Krlovic

general manager

BA in political sciences